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Parish/School Ideas

Holy Week

Holy Week is the week beginning with Palm (Passion) Sunday and ending with “Holy Saturday”. Focusing on these significant times in Jesus' life and death provides a wonderful opportunity to develop faith in the community gathered.

Songs which link to Holy Week

Palm Sunday : Hosanna! Shout Hosanna! (from John's CD, Lord Teach Me Your Ways, track 7)
Holy Thursday - Washing of the Feet : Serving Each Other (from John's CD, Lord Teach Me Your Ways, track 8)
Holy Thursday – The Last Supper : Come Do This In Memory of Me (from John's CD, Lord Teach me Your Ways, track 9)
Good Friday – Lord By Your Cross (from John's CD, Lord Teach Me Your Ways, track 10)

For Easter songs, please go to the Looking for a Song section of this site and then click on the Easter link.

Starting the school year

Starting the year can be a great opportunity to establish or develop a deep sense of belonging within your school community. Have you thought of using the ‘One Family' as a resource to support this?

School Songs

Track 1: We Welcome You To This Place
Track 3 Walk In Jesus' Way
Track 4: Christ Our Light
Track 5: Our School – This Special Place

School Prayer

Track 6: School Prayer which can be used at assemblies, school liturgies or as part of daily / weekly prayers.



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