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Move! Pray! Celebrate! (2007)

Move! Pray! Celebrate! is an excellent instructional resource for Religious Educators. It contains 18 songs which cover a variety of themes such as Gathering , God's Love , Christmas, Easter , Mary , the Sacraments, Justice and many others. The DVD clearly demonstrates the accompanying movements to all 18 songs and includes four songs being demonstrated within a group situation by children and young adults.

A Study Guide is also included with this DVD which identifies for each song, a recommended age group, Scripture references, questions for preparation and follow up, and ideas for further developing each movement.

A music CD containing all of the songs from the DVD is also available.

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Track listing

  1. Gather Together
  2. Gathered As One
  3. I'm So Special
  4. God's Love Is
  5. Yes Lord I Believe!
  6. Spirit Be With Us
  7. Come to the Table
  8. Do This In Memory of Me
  9. Coming Back Together
  10. My Shepherd
  11. Heal Us Lord
  12. Mary A Woman of Faith
  13. Christmas Star
  14. Jesus' Lullaby
  15. He Is Risen Alleluia!
  16. New Life
  17. One Family
  18. Raise Your Voice For Justice

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